Phantom theory explained through Stephen Hawking!

The fact that “Men in Black: International” (finally) features a woman in a starring role may feel like a breath of fresh air for feminists, even though the film at times overemphasizes the character’s gender. Thompson’s character proves to be a highly skilled agent — often more so than her male counterpart. She earns her position at the MIB after dedicating her life to finding the secret agency and convincing its officials to give her a job.

Agent M became motivated to find the MIB after encountering a (very adorable and fluffy) extraterrestrial at her home when she was a child. Back then, while reading Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” in her bed one night, two MIB agents arrive at her house to question her parents about an alien in the neighborhood — something that looks like a cross between a cat and a big frog, her parents explain. She then spots the little alien hiding on her windowsill and befriends the critter before sending it away.

That extraterrestrial leads her to become infatuated with aliens and the MIB, and she makes it her mission to find and join the agency. Somewhere along the way, she manages to hack into the Hubble Space Telescope to observe a galaxy named Andromeda Two — the galaxy where her little alien friend came from — without getting caught.’


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