Demon crusade crawl with Raggedy Ann doll a thin gruel!

Watch closely and let me know if you spotted the same thing at about halfway to an hour in, we see a brief glimpse on the television of a game/talk show and it showed a Raggedy Ann doll with a child and the host. And for those of you that didn’t know already, the original Annabelle doll (yep, this is real!) was a Raggedy Ann doll. For cinematic purposes they chose to craft her in porcelain for extra scare factor.

This is a must-see for any fans of horror! It had a great, complete story with even better acting. Despite having seen all the movies myself, I feel like it’s not necessary to enjoy this one. It lets you know everything going on and the plot flows with ease so you won’t be confused by them or the characters that were previously established in the other movies.

And if you want to know even more about this real Annabelle doll, check out this great video by Ghost Adventures. It’s very interesting to watch especially considering the fact that no investigative team has been able to document this doll before, due to the very real danger it poses to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Stop the ghost train, I want to get off. The third Annabelle film – a spin-off franchise from the ever-growing and larger Conjuverse franchise – is a thin gruel.

Annabelle Comes Home seems to know as much. The film, which was co-written by the wildly talented James Wan, attempts to offset its many limitations by briefly drafting in the big guns.


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