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How could the producer of the movie not even bother seeing it? I mean she had to see a cut at some point during production, right? Not so much. It seems that during post-production, Kinberg was the producer signing off on cuts as Shuler Donner was legitimately too busy producing other projects (such as FX’s Legion, and two Broadway shows). In the end, the producer indicates she is unlikely to join Marvel’s Kevin Feige on any future X-Men movies, offering this.

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“X-Men now belongs to Disney and it’s in their capable hands. [The future of the franchise is] really up to Kevin Feige. He started out with me. I trust him. I think whatever he does, it won’t be right away. I think he’s already dealing with the plan that he set in motion for the other Marvel universe. But, I will not be involved most probably. I’ll be friend of the court.”

As we all know by this point in time, with Disney snatching up Twentieth Century Fox, Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix will mark the final film in the current X-Men cinematic universe. That is if writer-director Josh Boone’s The New Mutants keeps itself hidden on the shelf of some studio executive. But that said, evidently, Shuler Donner still has high hopes for Josh Boone’s X-Men horror movie. So that’s good, I guess.