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“I still get discouraged reading negative articles about my parents,” she says. “The only difference from the movie is that I was an adult reading about it. And getting mad.” But she had no problem confiding to Spera, a police officer, three weeks after they met in 1979. “It was not something I shared with people, but I felt I could tell Tony.”

She invited him to watch her parents speak at the University of Connecticut.

“I said, ‘Really. Your parents are college professors?’ ” says Tony. “She said, no they are ghost hunters.”

He was intrigued but not deterred. When he later met Ed and Lorraine at their home, he took a tour of the museum. Judy demurred.

“She told me, ‘I’ve never gone into that museum,’ ” says Tony. “She was afraid of it and Annabelle.”

Life for the Warrens got even stranger after the first “Conjuring” movie. Visitors used to drop in on Lorraine without announcing themselves, even walking through the front door. Cars would eerily sit outside the house, says Judy.

Tony carried on the tradition of providing group museum tours, with Annabelle serving as the focal point. But after neighbors complained about the disruption, the museum was shut down for a zoning violation.