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Whether future CCU films feature demonic presences like the Ferryman—or yet another story line centered around Annabelle, a messy doll who clearly lives for drama—Annabelle Comes Home is the best indication yet that the minds behind the franchise understand how to extend both its life span and commercial appeal. The jump-scares are a familiar tactic, sure, but they’re still being deployed in fun and creative ways. And with an entire room of haunted items still waiting to be franchised, the universe-expanding prospects of the CCU remain terrifyingly boundless.

I was so psyched for this film! I remember there being some inventive scares in the first Annabelle and I loved The Nun so much that I was really looking forward to seeing what this one had to offer. Well, I’m sorry to say that while Annabelle Comes Home has a few interesting scenes that are effective, it’s pretty weak as a whole. If you’re like me and thought the trailers looked really good and like they were introducing some cool, new ideas unfortunately you’re wrong. They cut together the best few parts for the trailer and the majority of the actual film is just…. meh.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson always shine as Ed and Lorraine Warren, they not only play their individual parts well, but they also share a natural chemistry. The very little screen time they’re given is well utilized. There is one evil entity in this film that I found interesting and wish they would’ve spent more time with. There are several scenes that deal with it and they are effectively scary. Inventive visuals and well timed sound is largely to thank for those scenes working. Also, if you saw the first Annabelle from 2014 then you’ll remember the demon that was using Annabelle. There is something similar to that makes several appearances here. Those moments work just as they did in the first one. I like that both films actually pulled back the curtain and showed you what was using the doll.