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“We had to design all new toys and come up with a whole new room for Molly,” added LaPointe. “We had to get Bo back to life in her original form with the lamp and the sheep. The sheep even play a bigger role now and have names [Billy, Goat, Gruff] and personalities. And I love how we made them girls. We put Andy’s red hat on so people remember Andy. We had to think of the iconography and previous imagery.”

Initially, the dazzling rescue mission in a rainstorm didn’t involve RC. First, it was the robot and then one of the aliens because it was more recognizable. ” But then we wanted the stakes to be higher and we landed on RC for a couple of reasons,” LaPointe said. “Because he has his wheels that are turning and can get stuck, but also RC is not in ‘Toy Story 3,’ so it created this heightened level of awareness with people wondering if maybe this was the moment he got lost.”The biggest strength of the flashback, though, is reintroducing Bo (voiced by Annie Potts) in ways that were familiar and new. She’s displays an active leadership role in taking charge of “Operation Pull Toy” from Molly’s room, thinking quickly and improvising when Woody runs out of toy cords. “Right away we could see the status level between her and Woody is equal,” said LaPointe. “It’s re-grounding the audience because it’s a while before we see her again as a lost toy. She’s always been an instrumental character for him in the previous films, the person he confides in or sets him back on track, even though she plays a small part.